I'm sorry to read about hateful dicks giving you guys dramas. You're doing an amazing job and I really think your new vision and planning will make the whole game even better. Agreed, changing Vanilla Morrowind is a tender subject. However, I trust you guys more than even Bethesda to capture the spirit of Morrowind, to keep it alive and to gloriously expand it! Also, whilst I have a job, can we make donations? I'm sure there are some costs, servers or something?


It’s not really that big of a deal. It’s less hateful dicks and more people just being super vocal about certain things, which I guess is good, though we wish they’d air their concerns in a more productive manner. We really love that fans are willing to trust us, as it really empowers us to keep going.

As for donations, we wish we could, but our webmaster literally is hosting us out of his own generousity. Perhaps in time, we might open up donations to help him a little, but he hasn’t asked. Thanks for the thought though! :)

Your guys stuff is really genius, I spent hours just roaming and exploring, seeing strange new cities and lands for the first time was amazing, god the amount of work that must've gone into it all, Left at a loss for words, Necrom was my personal favorite, wasn't expecting any of that place. So lore heavy too, really made the role player come out of me, the library in Firewatch was like chicken soup for the damn soul :)

Thanks for the support! Without you players, we’d not be here!

I love how you guys like disappear for nearly years and then pop back up BAM MIND BLOWN.


It’s not like we dissapear, it’s just we don’t have an active person doing PR constantly. We’re a small team, so devs handle a multitude of tasks. That being said, our recent restructure mandates that we do our best to increase our presence, to inform people we still exist :)

I've noticed that with the recent alpha there are multiple copies of npcs in towns like Akamora and Bal Oyra. Is this a known bug or did I install something wrong?


Hey, that’s a common error when you use an old save with a new version of TR!

You’ll have to clean out your savegame using Wyre Mash. There are detailed instructions here, but maybe we should include a section on this because it seems to be a common problem.


Tamriel Rebuilt - Version 14.08 Release

Tamriel Rebuilt is pleased to announce the release of build 14.08!

Download: Fliggerty | Nexus

What’s New

This is the first release in our new release system, and contains all updates originally planned for Sacred East 1.6, as well as an updated version of our unfinished Alpha lands which now include the remaining parts of Velothis district including the city of Baan Malur, and the Skyrim border regions. No new lands have been added to TR_Mainland, though some of our existing areas around Bosmora got a huge overhaul. There are also many new quests, including the completion of Akamora’s Fighters’ guild questline! Between the Main file and the alpha, one can now access the entire Mainland with the exception of the City of Almalexia and the unfinished heightmap of Southern Morrowind.

Please be sure to remove Sacred East, TR_Data, and the previous alpha (if installed), prior to installing the contents of this archive, as this format supersedes all previous TR releases. We have also updated our readme to be in PDF format for increased readability. Those wishing for a text version can find one here. Changelogs will also be included in all future builds of Tamriel Rebuilt. You can find a list of changes in this update here.

Project Status [August 2014]

While this update does not add any new lands to the playable release, you can explore more areas in the Alpha. We anticipate the first of these areas, the Thirr River Valley, will be ready for the next update, possibly in early 2015. We are currently in the final stages of NPCing these areas (shaded in green in the map below). Other areas including the cities of Old Ebonheart and Andothren (areas in Yellow) are well into the NPC planning stages, and it will likely be that they will start the NPCing process as soon as we are finished the Thirr River Valley areas. This is an exciting time for Tamriel Rebuilt, as we begin to solidify our planning processes to bring you areas that are even more captivating than those found in prior versions of Tamriel Rebuilt.

Development Map (not a release schedule).

Thank you for your patience, and we hope you enjoy this release!


One thing I’ve noticed is that, within the gaming community, there are always the really angry gamers. Extremely vocal gamers who are vehemently angry with a developer about things. It is usually because of some design decision or implementation about the game that just…

Preach. This also applies to large fan-based game projects, not just commercial games. Believe it or not, we’ve gotten quite a bit of hate lately regarding our recent change of vision. In fact, TR has been ragged on pretty much for the last twelve years straight for various reasons (most of them regarding how slow we are). Here’s a sampling of some of the comments that we get on a fairly regular basis.

"But TR is not Bethesda, you have no right to make story modifications for Morrowind! This will conflict with every mod possible, etc. etc. TR ent canon. OMG TR sux you guyz will never finish!”

A friendly reminder that we are humans too, and we’re fans of the game as much as you are. We care. Please do not bash the people who are making content for you, especially if it’s for free and on their own time. It’s extremely demoralizing to our developers (who also juggle our social media presence as well as their lives outside TR) to have to read such comments. We’re only doing this for fun, and for you.

We still love you all though, your patience and understanding will be rewarded. <3

A Nobleman’s Garden

This snippet of text delves into the mind of an Indoril noble. Neril Sevuro is the Grand Ascendant of House Indoril in the timeline of TESIII: Morrowind. He is old and frail, and often spends his time in isolation, almost never leaving his cloister in Almalexia. This text was written by gro-Dhal.

A Nobleman’s Garden
by Neril Sevuro

They ask me why I garden. “Muthsera”, they cry, “why do you hide from the world in your tree-lined cloister? What of your duties to House and Hearth?” They do not understand what it is to be a lord of the true nobility of Resdayn. Our duty is to sharpen our minds and spirits, and to glean the determined workings of the world so we can guide our children along the path of righteousness. It is in the cultivation of my prayer garden that I find the wisdom for these tasks.

Observe the northern wall, along which I have planted sweetbarrels. The spines of the young plants bring pain to the touch, and discourage close ministration. With diligence and focused meditation however they can be made to bloom, ugliness giving way to beauty and the diaphanous, out-of-body visions of the sweetpulp vapors. This is the progression of the spiritual self: from resistance to blossoming to the numinous.

On the southern wall opposite are a bed of timsa flowers. Saint Timsa-of-the-Long-Hours happens to be an ancestor of mine, and the flowers first emerged from her body as she lay broken at the feet of Molag Bal’s magi. These flowers blossom in sun, rain and ashfall and illuminate the virtue of resistance, and the futility of profane sorcery against faith.

On the western wall, facing the sunrise, is a cluster of bright fireferns- difficult to cultivate in heartland soil. I use a little of the ash from my hearthfire as fertilizer. The ash contains a trace of my House’s holy offerings. This token of faith is sufficient to bring forth these plants from ground which does not welcome them, and once they have taken root they will endure forever. This is how the laws of the gods, properly interpreted, create citizens of the highest caliber who will never stray from the proper course once they are shown the way.

On the eastern wall, facing the sunset, are rows of noble sedge. These plants are my pride and joy, because they are grown from cuttings rather than seeds. These particular flowers are in essence parts of one flower that has lived since the middle of the Second Era. They represent continuity and careful planning, and give me faith that eternal vigilance and care can engender eternal harmony.

In the center of my garden is a stone, upon which I sit in contemplation and occasionally carve my insights. This stone is to be my legacy, alongside my military victories and descendents. Like the garden, if properly tended with wisdom and reverence to the past, it will provide enlightenment to my successors for generations to come.

They ask me why I garden. I say I am a lord of the House Indoril, and my garden is a world and the world is my garden. This is our birthright and our burden.

is map 4 released yet? if not, how is the progress going? I recently downloaded the tamriel rebuilt mods and they are amazing


As we have said recently, we’re no longer designating our content as Maps 1-6, or as releases. Tamriel Rebuilt will be updated alltogether from now on, in bite-sized chunks. You can read all the details here. Long story short: Instead of waiting for map releases, you’ll get the content all at once, hopefully in more frequent updates. The landmass will be seperated into two parts, the playable Mainland.esm (basically the current release), and the WIP Alpha.esp (everything else). This will help us keep track of things easier. The content you refer to will be accessible in the Alpha we plan to release alongside the “Sacred East” update in the Tamriel Rebuilt 14.08 build.

As for current progress, we are on the verge of releasing a well-overdue update on our current material, as well as an updated-alpha file that will contain all our unreleased lands completed this-far (except Almalexia which is back in the drawing board so there’s nothing to show). Sadly there will be no new lands in the playable file, though if you’re keen on exploring our WIP stuff, you will be able to soon in the Alpha when we release the next update.

Also, thanks for the support. :)

You guys are awesome. I firmly believe that TR is the most extensive user-created mod for any game, ever. Keep up the great work.


This warms our fuzzies. It’s always humbling for us developers to hear positive comments from our fans. We will strive to reward that trust and faith that has been put in us all these years. These messages boost our morale in difficult times when things are slow, so thank you. :)

Hello, TR! :) Would you be so kind and share some screenshots or video with us? We're really missing frequent updates.


Sadly, like most things, our updates don’t flow in a steady stream, but in bursts and spurts. We do not have someone to spare to constantly monitor our social media outlets (which are being taken care of by various devs). We’re tied up currently preparing the next (and long overdue) update. Rest assured we hope the tap will flow again soon.